About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of people who have committed our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. We come from different backgrounds and are of various ages but we have committed ourselves to each other in Christian living.

As the Bible teaches we believe:

         that Jesus is the Son of God;

         that he died on the cross for our sins;

         that he was raised to life again;

         that we are forgiven and become God's

         children through  faith in  him.

Light at dusk

"I am the light of the world...Whoever follows me will have the light of life and will never walk in the darkness" (John 8:12)






Usually in a church such as ours, new Christians show that they have turned to God and put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by being baptised.  This means being immersed in water (and lifted up again!) It shows that they have left behind the old way of life and have begun a new way of life with the Lord Jesus. 


Who runs the church?

All the members are expected to meet from time to time to plan the policy of the church and to take important decisions.  When we meet in this way we ask the Holy Spirit to help us discover the Lord's will, since He is the true leader of the church.  Day-to-day affairs are managed by the Minister together with a secretary, a treasurer and a small group of people called deacons.  All of them, including the Minister, are elected by the church.  Through our affilitation to the Pembrokeshire Baptist Association, the Baptist Union of Wales and The Baptist Union of Great Britain and invovlement in the BMS, we also keep in touch with other churches, locally, nationally, and throughout the world.


What do we do?

Every Sunday we meet together to worship God. This day is important to us because it was on the first day of the week that the Lord Jesus was raised from death.  We sing, pray, read the Bible - God's message to us - and consider what it means. At least twice every month we share bread and wine in the Lord's Supper, remembering that Jesus Christ once died for us, that He is alive, and that He is Lord.

We believe the most important thing we have to do is serve the Lord Jesus Christ: in our homes; at work; in special kinds of help we try to give personally in the community - and when we're relaxing too! We also help to support various kinds of Christian work elsewhere and we pray for personal and local concerns as well as those of the world at large.  In all this we rely on the help of the Holy Spirit.


Where do we meet?

Usually in our church at the lower end of Barn Street.  For meetings during the week we mostly use the entrance at the rear, in Perrot's Avenue.

Who comes?

A wide veriety of people, young to old, rich to poor, disabled and able-bodied, and we welcome all.

And not only members.  Occasional visitors include holidaymakers, and local people who are interested to find out about this church.  Some of those who attend regularly do not wish to become members at present but enjoy coming nevertheless and in all respects (except voting on church matters and serving on the diaconate) non-members are treated equally to members. 

Why not come one Sunday and see for yourself? 

Our affiliations

  • Haverfordwest & Milford Haven District of Baptist Churches
  • Pembrokeshire Baptist Association
  • Baptist Union of Wales
  • Baptist Union of Great Britain
  • Haverfordwest and District Free Church Council
  • Haverfordwest and District Cytun / Churches Together
  • Evangelical Alliance of Wales