All of our Church facilities are available for hire.


Please telephone 07521 908606 or use the contact form below if you require further information or wish to make arrangements to hire any part of the building.

Thank you.




 Terms and conditions for the hiring and use of church premises

1. The agreed fee(s) must be paid in advance and submitted with an official booking form.

2. The user is responsible for all damage (other than fair wear and tear) to the accommodation or any of the church's fixtures and fittings or equipment which is occasioned in whatever way by the use of the accommodation.

3. The accommodation may only be used by the organisation and for the purpose and during the period indicated on the application form submitted to the Church.

4.  After use the accommodation must be left in a clean and tidy condition with all furniture and equipment left in the same position as at the commencement of the hiring. The hirer must ensure lights are turned out and all windows and doors are properly secured.

5. The user must ensure that during the use of the accommodation no person smokes and no alcohol is supplied or consumed.

6. The user must not leave in the accommodation any equipment, furniture or articles of any kind unless by prior written agreement from the Church who reserve to charge a separate fee for the provision of any such specified and agreed storage facilities.

7. The user agrees that the Church accepts no responsibility for injury or loss to person or property arising out of the use of the accommodation apart from such injury or loss which arises from the Church 's responsibility for the general maintenance of the accommodation,  and the user will keep the Church indemnified against any claims for which the Church is not responsible.

8. The user has a responsibility to notify the Church of any defect in the accommodation or in any of the Church's furniture or other equipment in the accommodation.

9. Premises must be vacated by no later than 10:30pm.

10. Where premises are to be used by children, the user agrees to comply with the Government's guidelines as set out in the document "Safe From Harm".

11. The user will comply with the provisions of the Church's Health and Safety Policy and will ensure that all those using the accommodation are aware of the appropriate safety procedures including those outlined below.

a)  No children are to enter the gallery.

b)  No one is to sit in the front seat of the gallery.

c)  Emergency exits should be unbolted or unlocked, whenever the premises are in use (and bolted after the event has ended). For use of the main chapel, front and rear doors must be unbolted, for use of the schoolrooms the emergency door in the kitchen must be unlocked. All those attending are to be made aware of the emergency exits.


The user must inform those attending about the emergency exits through both vestries.

The emergency exit into Perrot's Avenue is considered unsuitable for emergency use by small children and those with physical disabilities.

The user must appoint and identify a steward in overall charge, who must be equipped with a portable telephone in working order.

The user must appoint stewards; equipped with torches to supervise the emergency exits, main doors and the stairways from the gallery. Stewards are to be made aware of where the fire extinguishers are located and be aware of how to use them.

The user should consult the Church before making any commitment to an event if in any doubt about the size or suitability of the rooms that are to be used.