It's Happening Soon!   


Sunday 8th October, 7pm

Lower hall. 

Have you ever wanted to explore a topic of life, if you have then why not come to The Edge? 

The Edge is contemporary, informal and engaging. The Edge explores a topic of life each month. It happens on the 2nd Sunday evening of the month.

Remember: Growth happens at the Edge! Achievement happens at the Edge! Athletes who excel, push themselves to the Edge of their ability and strength and then beyond. Adventure and Discovery happen at the Edge! Explorers go to the Edge of the known and then take a step of faith into the unknown.

Theme: Do you persevere or cut and run? 

For more information please ring Terry on 07966 240968.


The next Local Group Meeting of WASPI - Women Against State Pension Injustice - TBA 

For more information contact Jackie Broadhurst - click here